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Blueiron Liquid Iron with Nordic Blueberries is a new kind of Iron supplement that maximizes absorption without the unpleasant side effects you may get with other iron products. Every bottle of Blueiron Liquid Iron contains two handfuls of wild Nordic blueberries, harvested by hand in Finland, which is one of nature’s finest Superfoods. Packed with antioxidants and health benefits, the Blueberry also happens to make this product taste better than you’d ever expect from an iron product.

The fe3+ iron in Blueiron Liquid Iron with Nordic Blueberries is encapsulated in a calcium polymer which protects it as it travels through the acidic stomach environment. The polymer starts to dissolve in the more alkaline intestine, targeting the release of iron exactly where the body needs it, preventing side effects like cramping and nausea.


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